Welcome to WhittierArtForSale.com, my official website. My name is Armando Renteria and I am a Chicano artist based in Whittier, California. My painting style is bold, colorful, and transcends various mediums, with my unique color blending distinguishing me from other artists. Inspiration for my pieces comes from family, life experiences, faith in God, and curiosity about the world and people around me. When creating, I focus on the scale of human feelings – sadness to ecstasy, fear to love, doubt to trust – and strive to infuse my artwork with range of emotions. I want my pieces to tell a personal story to every person who sees them. I am a member of the Whittier Art Gallery, participate in community art events, and aspire to become a household name, known as a leader in California impressionism.

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Armando Renteria

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Armando Renteria
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